Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and food all require specialized packaging to stimulate sales and increase perceived consumer value. At All Color Printers, we bring over 50 years of experience to our custom packaging design services, delivering eye-catching products that customers respond to. Whatever type of packaging or marketing products your application requires, our team can develop an attractive, cost-effective solution that meets your regulatory requirements. 

Custom Food Packaging

High-quality, food-safe packaging is essential for shipping, displaying, and storing food items correctly. Packaging also plays a major role in helping your product stand out from the competition, making appealing, attention-grabbing designs crucial. All Color Printers can help your company develop a new packaging design that also adheres to all relevant regulatory requirements. We have the expertise and packaging equipment necessary to get the job done correctly and efficiently. 

Common food packaging applications include:

  • Folding cartons: Printed with vibrant designs, our folding cartons feature easy-open perforations and are available in a range of sizes. 
  • Packer boxes: Featuring panels that wrap around the product to protect it during transportation, these boxes are available in varying grades & Styles. Their purpose is to transport the final product box safely with out damage or defects. 

Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Branded packaging has a demonstrated effect on the perceived value of cosmetic products. Choosing high-quality materials with clear and vibrant printing improves presentation and inspires increased customer confidence in your product. In the cosmetic world, in particular, product image and display are highly important. All Color Printers meets the needs of the cosmetic industry with packaging options that include:

  • Custom inserts: Available in a wide range of dimensions, colors, and technical specifications to enhance any type of cosmetic product. 
  • Click-lock trays: Ideally suited for organizing small products, these trays are functional in retail presentation settings as well as during transportation. Click-lock trays from All Color Printers are made using recyclable materials. 
  • Custom folding cartons: Available in a range of styles, including pre-glued, punchable cartons and high-volume click lock styles, all customizable with printed design options. 

Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging requires careful adherence to safety regulations as well as market research to form top-quality packaging. For this industry, packaging must not only be visually impactful but safe and sterile as well. All Color Printers develops customized pharmaceutical packaging for items such as personal care products, medical devices, nutritionals, veterinary care, and more. Some of the most common packing materials for pharmaceutical applications include:

  • Custom inserts: Available in a range of dimensions and technical specifications, including waterproof options, these inserts are custom developed to explain product information clearly while fitting into a range of packaging styles. 
  • Folding cartons: Developed according to application-specific needs for size, shape, and functionality. 
  • Pharmaceutical inserts: All Color Printers creates specialized inserts for pharmaceutical applications, featuring paper engineered for readability and folding into a compact size. 

Custom Packaging from All Color Printers

With over half a century of experience, All Color Printers is an expert in meeting the packaging needs of diverse industries. Our products adhere to all relevant industry-specific regulations and are completely customized to your needs. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products according to your deadlines, at affordable prices.

To learn more about how we can meet your packaging needs for food, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical applications, contact us or request a quote today.