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Custom-Made Die Cut Boxes

A product’s packaging is the first thing a customer notices. Using high-quality packaging materials and designs helps a product stand out from the competition and leaves a lasting positive impression on customers. Die cut boxes are highly customizable and can be produced according to any size, color, and configuration requirements.

Custom die cut packaging provides maximum product protection while remaining lightweight. It is suitable for large capacity needs, and its ease of customization also makes it perfect for smaller components. Here’s how All Color Printers’ die cut box packaging can increase your brand awareness.

Custom Die Cut Packaging Capabilities

All Color Printers can help you develop a durable, cost-effective packaging solution that adheres to your regulatory requirements and branding. We offer a comprehensive range of finishing services for die cut packaging, including overall coatings, spot coatings, embossing and debossing, lamination, and foil stamping.

Overall Coatings: Gloss, Matte, UV, Soft Touch

Overall coatings are applied evenly over the entire packaging’s surface. All Color Printers offers several types of overall coatings:

  • Gloss: Attention-grabbing and visually appealing, gloss coatings bring images to life with a premium look. The coating is applied in a liquid aqueous form that is then exposed to heat to cure. Aqueous coatings also provide a protective barrier to the product to resist scuffs & scratches.
  • Matte: A matte coating diffuses light and softens printed images. It creates a unique, impactful texture. As with gloss, matte coatings are also applied as a liquid that is then cured with Heat. For this reason, gloss and matte coatings are called Aqueous coatings. They can be applied overall or in specific spots on the paper sheet.
  • UV Gloss: UV gloss coatings provide a higher grade enriched gloss effect to the product then regular aqueous gloss. They are also applied in liquid form, but can only be cured by UV Led Lights.
  • Soft Touch: Used to create printed materials with a soft texture, Soft Touch coatings soften the printed substrates and provide a unique silky smooth feel of the product. Soft Touch coating is fast-drying, eco-friendly, and non-yellowing.

Spot Coatings

The spot coating process involves applying a clear, shiny coating to a specific area to create a visual contrast. It is often used on brochure covers and carton front panels to give these materials a look of luxury or draw the reader’s eyes to certain areas. Spot coating requires UV-compatible ink, and any embossing should be done after the coating has cured.

Embossing and Debossing

Embossing creates a design element that is raised above the surrounding surface. Debossing, on the other hand, recesses a design down into a material through stamping. To emboss a design onto packaging, high-pressure die creates an impression on the surface of the substrate. The process can be used on its own or in conjunction with foil stamping and four-color printing.


Lamination is a cost-effective process that creates sleek and durable products. It works well with designs that require multiple materials or when a clean and precise finish is desired. Laminating die cut packaging materials creates a clean, professional appearance that makes a memorable impression on customers. The process increases durability and serves as an added layer of protection during the vibrations and tearing that may occur during the die cutting process.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping adds texture and metallic shimmer to specific text or image elements. During the foil stamping process, a heated die is used to fuse foil onto the packaging’s surface. Common foil colors include gold, silver, and bronze as well as holographic and clear foils.

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Custom-made die cut boxes allow you to personalize your product’s packaging in a way that maximizes brand awareness. Since die cut boxes are made from Paperboard, they are strong and lightweight, resulting in significant savings on shipping costs. Compared to ordinary packaging boxes, die cut boxes provide a greater storage capacity that maximizes shipping capacity and further reduces shipping costs.

Since our packaging solutions are customized to each product’s exact shape and size, the likelihood of products being damaged during transportation is decreased. All Color Printers has been creating high-quality, cost-effective printed products for over 60 years. Our custom packaging services—which include offset and digital printing—eliminate the challenges of branding and packaging your own products and allow you to focus on your core business.

If you have any questions about our custom-made die cut packaging capabilities, contact us. To get started on your solution, request a quote today.