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Cannabis Packaging

The cannabis and CBD market is a rapidly expanding, $25 billion industry. To remain ahead of the competition, it’s crucial that growers, processors, and manufacturers choose standout packaging to ensure their product is noticed—and chosen—by consumers. Custom packaging can heighten appeal and enhance the consumer experience while providing safe, effective, and compliant packaging for your cannabis products.

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Cannabis Packaging


Cannabis Flower Packaging

Cannabis packaging is great for hemp-derived CBD products containing a THC content of less than 0.3%. To distinguish your cannabis packaging from the competition and make it more attractive to consumers, various types of design enhancements can be included. When choosing the ideal cannabis packaging for your needs, consider the following:

  • Material. Popular choices include hemp fiber paperboard, Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) Paperboard, recycled paperboard, and specialty paperboard, each of which conveys a different feel and style.
  • Finish. Different materials can include a variety of finishes and specialty coatings to achieve the desired effects and characteristics while meeting needs for air, water, grease, oil, and tear resistance.
  • Size. After choosing the type of cannabis packaging that is right for your needs, you must select the proper size based on factors such as product volume, shelf appeal, safety, and more.
  • Design Choices. Additional choices we offer that can really make your product’s packaging stand out include Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing for more precise color matching, embossing, foil stamping, and die-cutting for added design elements.
  • Functional Requirements. In addition to meeting federal requirements, your packaging may need to meet particular requirements related to its performance, such as being water-resistant, resealable, sustainable, light-blocking, and more. Cannabis edible packaging may also need to comply with additional requirements for safety, such as being tamper-evident.

Cannabis Packaging Requirements

Because cannabis-derived products fall under federal pharmaceutical packaging guidelines, whether for medicinal or recreational use, a variety of packaging requirements must be met for these products. In particular, medical cannabis packaging as well as that for recreational cannabis products must meet federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) performance standards described in 16 CFR 1700.15, namely:

  • Adequate child resistance to meet the law’s requirements, preventing children (typically 5 and under) from accessing the cannabis products within the packaging, including after opening for multiple-serving edibles
  • Sufficient ease of opening that senior adults will be able to safely open and obtain the cannabis products within the packaging
  • Additional labeling requirements are generally required for most cannabis products, including serving size for edible cannabis products and details of the contents, ingredients, manufacturing, origin, potential allergens, warning notifications, instructions, storage requirements, and other details

Cannabis Packaging from All Color Printers

If you’re on the market for cannabis packaging, All Color Printers offers a wide range of products suitable for cannabis edibles, medicinal marijuana, and more. As the legalization of both medicinal and recreational cannabis continues to grow, so does the market for attractive, high-quality cannabis packaging. At All Color Printers, we can help you create custom marijuana packaging based on your needs for presentation, durability, and product protection.

To get started on your custom cannabis packaging, request a quote today. We’ll be glad to discuss materials, packaging styles, and more to start coming up with the best possible solution.